Velez-Malaga a city you should´t miss

Uppdaterad: 4 aug 2020

The main city of Axarquia, Velez-Malaga is situated four kilometers inland from Torre del Mar. Many visitors have never been there even though there is so much to see and discover. There are buses going there from both Caleta de Velez and from Torre del Mar. A bit problematic just that the buses stop going pretty early in the evening. We have bicycles so we usually ride to Velez. It is uphills to there but easy to get home. Velez-Malaga has an old city worth spinning around. There are lots of exciting and interesting buildings, churches and a fort at the top of the Fortaleza mountain. The story itself is not so nerdy so I botanize among the restaurants instead. An old market hall has been carefully renovated and since September 2018 houses a really good Food Court. Mercado de San Francisco. Find it, at Plaza San Fransisco. Inside there are several restaurants, a good Bodega with local wines and a really good beer hall. After Mercadon I usually take my guests on a small tour of the old town and then finish with dinner on the street Calle Montera. It is a small anonymous street without car traffic where the restaurants exhibit several tables as several guests arrive. Here it is bussy all the time, the children play on the street and the aunts look out from their balconies while the waiters run between the tables to saturate all the guests' stomachs. Take a trip to Velez-Malaga next time you are in the hoods, give the city a chance! Skicka feedback

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